Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Is saying no to size zero fair?

So I've been thinking more and more recently about the way women talk about each other and to each other about weight...generally it isn't very nice! It got me thinking about the 'Say No to Size Zero' campaign...isn't that a little unfair? What about women that are really skinny and that is just the way they are? Or people that are ill? And people that starve themselves, we should try and be as compassionate as we can, it is a huge cry for help not a cry for a whole campaign saying NO to the way a woman looks. 

This picture and quote below makes me incredibly uncomfortable...isn't that kinda say size 0 is ugly? Society IS ugly that's for sure...but I'm not sure the Size Zero Campaign is the right thing to make society better. We're once again telling someone the way they look is wrong.

Don't get me wrong - these teeny tiny  skinny models aren't the best role models for the younger generation, but neither is telling them to say no to the way anyone looks. We should be encouraging them to look at what is healthy and wholesome. I can't help but feel really uncomfortable about the size zero campaign, if someone started a 'say no to size 12 campaign' because they think that is unhealthy a huge portion of the population of women would speak up and say 'I'm healthy!' but size zero is a minority. I agree, I don't think you can be a size zero and really really healthy, but some people are. So what if they look really skinny? How an earth does that effect your day? 

Women need to start looking at other women as equals because I don't think we're there yet, especially when pages like this exist: 

This website has a section called 'weight gain'. It makes me furious that women talk about each like this. For example, all over the newspapers and magazine is how fat Kim Kardashian looks...isn't she PREGNANT? How dare we say that she is too fat, are you a doctor? No? Then we'll leave it to them. So what she got pictured eating an ice cream, she probably has an extremely balanced diet, an ice cream is not the end of the world. 

Women standing up for other women is empowering and here is how you can do it:

- Ditch the trashy magazines and websites. By buying them or going on those websites you add to the hits their getting = more money = more bitching.

- If your friend is judging someone on the street, a random stranger they don't even know, call them out for it! Say 'hey, are you perfect?' 

- Choose to see the positive in one another. This isn't just for women but men too. It is an empowering thing to do. Block that negative thought and think about how good that woman looks in that dress instead of how bad those shoes are...

- Delete and unfollow all those facebook and twitter pages that are about pointing out people for their flaws. They are awful...imagine finding a picture of you on there? I'd be mortified and my confidence would be obliterated. 

- If someone you know looks like they're starting to look really unhealthy, use your digression to ask them about it, make sure they know you are there for them. In the society that we need to live in, women need to know they have someone looking out for them and not judging them for their recent weight gain/loss. 

So make a change now and starting by SUPPORTING other women instead of belittling each other! It is the best thing you will do all me!